RailOP Advanced

RailOP Advanced

RailOP Advanced is one of the foremost Model Railroad Operating programs
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RailOP is one of the foremost Model Railroad Operating programs designed to:

- manage your car, engine, train, and track location files
- create the paperwork needed to easily move freight and trains of all types over your railroad.

The program includes all of the essentials that you need to:
- control and run your operating sessions
- define layout description, route descriptions, car files, engine files, train files
- make up trains
- print Manifests, Switch Lists, car locations, car rosters, and reports
- run trains from city to city, etc.

The Advanced Version of the program includes the following features that are not in the Basic Version :
- Ability to customize the way car information is printed on train Manifests.
- Graphical Dispatcher Panel, on which you can move your trains through their routes with the mouse, completing switching operations in each city as you make the moves, with up to 30 trains active at any one time.
- Ability to schedule operations run "by the clock", where travel times between cities are controlled route by route, and city by city and switching times in each city are separately adjustable. RailOP accounts for these in setting the arrival and departure times for your trains in each city.
- Viewing "time charts" for each of your trains and cities, so you can see where there may be traffic congestion problems.
- Print Yardmaster Switch Lists by priority time of train arrival and departure, so Yardmasters can determine which trains to work on, or prepare for, first.

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